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What Should I Wear During Labor

What Should I Wear During Labor

If you are planning to birth your baby in a hospital, you might be surprised to learn that you do not have to wear the gown they provide for all patients. In fact, you have lots of options when it comes to what you can wear during labor regardless of where you birth....

What is a birth doula?

A birth doula is a person who supports laboring persons and their partner before, during, and immediately after birth. Support can take many forms from emotional support to providing information and resources so parents can make confident, informed decisions....

How Breastfeeding Encourages Bonding

The ability to breastfeed is an incredible gift that, while not always easy, provides countless benefits to both mother and baby. One of these great benefits is how it encourages bonding. Both parties need bonding to feel secure and satisfied during the postpartum...

Pregnancy & Birth Book Recommendations

As a doula and childbirth educator, I am constantly reading to try and gain more knowledge and perspective on pregnancy, birth, postpartum care, and babies. In addition to being able to gain more knowledge myself, reading books on these subjects allows me to provide...

The Power of Birth Affirmations

Birth Affirmations are positive mantras to use to speak to your mind and your body. Here are our favorite birth affirmations. All Birth Affirmations are available in 2 easy to use printable formats for your convince. These printable documents are free of charge!...

Packing Your Hospital Bag When You Don’t Have A Doula

Packing Your Hospital Bag When You Don’t Have A Doula

Extra Items To The Hospital When Birthing During The COVID-19 Pandemic Due to the unique circumstances in the world today, it is unlikely that your doula will be able to accompany you at the hospital for the birth of your baby. To ensure you still have access to as...


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