Coral Springs Birth Doula

Doula Serene, of A Serene Birth, proudly provides services as birth doula to clients who live in or near Coral Springs, or are planning to give birth to their child in this area.

Choosing a Birth Doula in Coral Springs

Choosing a birth doula is an important aspect of preparing for the birth of a child. Parents may interview multiple doulas before settling on one. It is okay to want to meet with a few doulas to make sure you select one that fits your personality and birth wishes.

Supporting births parents in and near Coral Springs, Doula Serene is a sought after birth doula who supports birthing persons of all backgrounds. She is also supportive of each individuals birth preferences no matter what they are. Coral Springs hospitals, birth centers, and home births are all welcome by this open-minded and exceptional birth worker and she would be thrilled to be invited to be a part of your birth story. premier birth doula who support. Contact Doula Serene to learn more about how she supports birth and find out if she is a good match for your birth. 

Coral Springs Birth Facilities

In addition to Coral Springs homebirths, doula Serene is proud to support births at the following hospitals and birth centers in or near Pembroke Pines:

Broward Health Coral Springs

Plantation General Hospital

North Broward Hospital

Hollywood Birth Center

Natural BirthWorks

Benefits of A Coral Springs Birth Doula

A Coral Springs birth doula can provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to a birthing person, their birth companion, and their babies. The highest in the United States, Florida an average c-section rate averaging over 30%. Pregnant women in Coral Springs need to be prepared an educated to help them achieve the birth they desire. One of the most beneficial choices many parents-to-be make is to hire a doula. Based on multiple studies, evidence shows that the presence of a birth doula is associated with a 39% decrease in cesarean rates and a 15%  increase in the likelihood of a spontaneous birth.


Planned or emergency cesarean births can also benefit from the presence of a Coral Springs birth doula. There are many things to know about vaginal birth and cesarean births, and we cannot expect all parents to be experts. However, the presence of an individual who is educated and experienced with the unpredictability of birth can play a significant role in providing guidance on making educated decisions. Bringing your baby into the world with A Serene Birth: Priceless.




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