Birth Doula Services

Unequivicable Birth Support

As a birth doula, I help expectant parents before, during, and immediately following birth by providing:

  • Physical Support
  • Emotional Support
  • Resources & Information
  • Advocacy

Whether you are a first-time parent, or this is your 4th child, the presence of an experienced support person can help maintain a sense of calm and confidence, even in the most intense moments.

The Process: What To Expect


The first step is for us to arrange a time for an initial consultation. It is critical that you and your partner feel comfortable with every person present at the birth. This conversation allows us to get to know each other and ensure we feel like a great fit! Consults happen over a video conference and typically last between 30-45 minutes.

Prenatal Meetings

Once we have decided to work with each other, we will plan 2 prenatal meetings. These meetings allow us to review in detail what your preferences are, how I can best support you, and what to expect. We can talk through any questions, expectations, and wondering you may have.

Regular Check-Ins

Parents are encouraged to reach out at any point with any questions, updates, or comments. Depending on the parent’s needs, I will check in via phone/text once every 2-3 weeks until 36 weeks. After 36 weeks, check-ins will be weekly. 

The Birth

When labor beings to pick-up and my help is needed, I will meet up with the client. Once labor has begun, I will stay and provide continuous care throughout the birth and until after the first feeding.

Postpartum Meeting

About 2 weeks after the birth, I will check in either in-person or via Zoom for a postpartum meeting. During this time, we will discuss how the first weeks are going, review any questions, and debrief from the birth.

Evidence on Doulas

There have been 26 randomized trials that tested the effects of continuous labor support on more than 15,000 people giving birth. Overall, people who receive continuous support are more likely to have a normal vaginal birth and less likely to have pain medication, negative feelings about childbirth, and Cesareans. In addition, their labors are shorter and their babies are less likely to have complications at birth or be admitted to a NICU. In these studies, the best results occurred when the continuous support was provided by a trained doula—someone who was not a staff member at the hospital and not part of the birthing person’s social network.

Let's Talk!

Want to learn more? I’d be happy to talk and learn more about how I can support your birth journey! Feel free to give me a call now or schedule a time that works best for you. 

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