Extra Items To The Hospital When Birthing During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Due to the unique circumstances in the world today, it is unlikely that your doula will be able to accompany you at the hospital for the birth of your baby. To ensure you still have access to as many tools as possible, I have compiled a list of items I would usually bring with me that we can easily teach you or your partner to use.

Usually I would bring:

  • A small soft scarf. The nurses may need to turn the lights on occasionally and the doctor will likely want them on when the baby comes. The scar can be placed over your eyes to block out any bright lights.
  • A long scarf for rebozo techniques for comfort. A bed sheet will also do if a sharf is not available.
  • Hot/cool pack. If you have one, this can be nice to place on your lower back or pelvic area during surges. They may or may not have these available at the hospital. There is usually a party area with a microwave, ice, and a small refrigerator in the rooms.
  • You can probably ask for a wash cloth at the hospital, but may want to bring your own. A cool moist towel on the forehead is great as it is normal for your temperature to rise as you get close to transition.
  • Birth Ball (they probably have this at the hospital but it can’t hurt to bring your own just in case).
  • If you have any massage tools at home, bring those too.

These are some items that you may already have and were planning to bring, but I just wanted to emphasize them to be sure:

  • Birth affirmations or other images for visualization.
  • Essential Oils and Diffuser. Lavender and eucalyptus are good for relaxation and peppermint is good for nausea.
  • Speaker and/or earbuds so that you can listen to the music or recording of your choice uninterrupted. Be sure to have all of the music and recordings set to be easily accessible.
  • Some activities to keep you entertained (playing cards, books, knitting, or maybe another small project you are working on).
  • Socks, sock, socks. The rooms can get very cold.
  • Remember you do not HAVE to wear the hospital gown so bring something comfortable but easy for doctors to access you. Maybe a robe or birth dress
  • Chapstick. 
  • Multiple clothing options for the baby, both long sleeve and short sleeve.