The birth of a child bring a lot of emotions for everyone involved: mom, dad, and any older siblings-to-be. A great deal of preparation goes into the big day and the days after the birth. With so much to thing about, it can be hard to know where to begin. Here are a few simple steps for you to follow when preparing for the birth of a new child.

Select a Practitioner & Birth Place

Who do you want to help monitor both mom and babies help, as well as to be guiding you through this big day. Also, where do you plan to have your baby. The most common options are a hospital, birth center, or at home. The practitioner and where you want to deliver the baby must match. Think about what is important to you for your birth and make sure that what your practitioner and birth place supports aligns with your desires. For instance, a home birth is not best for a medicated birth and if you want to avoid IVs, cervical checks, and directed pushing, then some hospitals and obstetricians may not be supportive of this.

If this is not your first child, think about your past births. Were you happy with these and are you prepare for the next child to be born in the same setting, or is there something you would change?

Take a Childbirth Education Course

Whether this is your first child or not, a childbirth education course can help greatly in preparing for the upcoming birth of your child.

For first time moms, a childbirth education course can help you gain an understanding of what to expect and how to prepare. You may learn things like the stages of labors and landmarks of each stage, comfort measures, breathing techniques, and advocacy.

For second time moms, a childbirth education course can serve as a refresher or it can help you learn how to change something from a previous birth. There is so much to know about the birth process and there is always more to learn!

Set up the Nursery

You may or may not need direction with this if the nesting instinct kicks in. Make sure that the bottles are ready and the diapers changing station is set up. Wash all of baby’s clothes and pick out what you want them to wear for the first few days.

Include any children you already have in the process and maybe get them something new to show them that they are just as important as the new baby.

Hire a Doula

A doula can help direct you to resources when you are trying to make decisions about your upcoming birth. A birth doula will also provide you with continuous support throughout your entire labor. A postpartum doula can help with baby, the house, and other parts of your life once baby has arrived. Consider Doula Serene to be your birth doula!

Rest & Make the Most of Every Moment!

This is probably the most important thing you can do as the birth of your baby nears. Make time to enjoy your partner and older children as much as possible before any arrives. Make sure to always get a good night’s sleep so that you have plenty of energy when you do go into labor. Some couples take a “baby moon” to deeply explore their intimacy before baby is born.