North Miami Birth Doula

Doula Serene, of A Serene Birth, provides birth doula services to client who live in North Miami or are planning to birth in North Miami or a surrounding area. 

Choosing a Birth Doula in North Miami

If you are looking for a birth doula in or near the North Miami area, then you are looking in the right place! Doula Serene is a North Miami birth doula that services women and birthing persons of all backgrounds. Whether you are planning to give birth in a hospital, birth center, or at home, we are excited an ready to be a part of your journey. Learn more about about Doula Serene and how she supports her clients before, during, and after birth. 

North Miami Birth Facilities

In addition to home births in North Miami, A Serene Birth is proud to support births at the following hospitals and birth centers in or near North Miami:

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Memorial Regional Hospital

Magnolia Birth House

Miami Maternity Center

Hollywood Birth Center

Benefits of A North Miami Birth Doula

A North Miami birth doula can provide physical, emotional, and spiritual support to a birthing person, their birth companion, and their baby. The state of Florida has the highest c-section rates in the United States and Miami-Dade county has the highest c-section rates in Florida. In fact, multiple hospital in Miami have cesarian rates exceeding 50%. For women in North Miami who are seeking a vaginal birth, whether medicated or unmedicated, having the right support can play a major role. The presence of a birth doula has been proven to decrease cesarean rates by 39% and increase the likelihood of a spontaneous birth by 15%. 

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