Plantation Birth Doula

Doula Serene provides birth doula services to expecting parents in Plantation and surrounding areas.

Choosing a Birth Doula in Plantation

When you are choosing a doula, there many thing to consider, such as training, experience, availability and much more. The truth is there are many amazing doulas in the South Florida area and other land logistics (such as availability) the most important thing is that your doula makes your feel confident and comfortable, because that is how you should feel during labor and birth. Some questions you may ask include:
  • My birth plan includes x,y,z. How do you feel about that?
  • How do you approach supporting your clients during labor?
  • When/where will you meet us during labor?

Responses to questions like this will provide a lot of insight as to how a doula operates and what their approach to birth support entails.

Meet Doula Serene

Serene Gato is a South Florida local who is a DONA International trained birth doula. She is passionate about supporting families of all backgrounds and aligns with the DONA mission that every woman who wants a doula should have access to one. Additionally, she support births at home, birth centers, and hospitals. Contact Doula Serene to learn more about how she supports her Pembroke Pines doula clients before, during, and after birth, and find out if she is a good match for your birth. 

Plantation Birth Facilities

In addition to home births in Plantation, Doula Serene proudly support births at the following local hospitals and birth centers in or near Plantation:

Memorial Hospital West

Memorial Regional Hospital

Mount Hospital Mirimar

Broward Health

Hollywood Birth Center

Magnolia Birth House

Benefits of A Plantation Birth Doula

If you live in Plantation, then you have access to some amazing birth support options such as a birth doula. This is important because Florida has. oneof the highest cesarian rates in the country, with those rates being over 30%. Birth doulas help reduce cesarean rates by providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support before, during, and immediately after birth. They also help with education and addictional resources. It isn’t just an obeservation that doulas improve birth outcomes, but proven through various studies. When a birth doula is present, steudies have shown a 39% decrease in cesarean rates and 15% increase in spontaneous births.

A Doula for Every Birth

With that, doulas are not just for unmedicated vaginal births. The support of a Plantation doula can also be invaluable for clients who have a planned or emergency cesarean section. Doulas bring a sense of calm and confidence to help parents make informed decisions even during the most unexpected moments. Birth is unpredictable, so this type of support can mean a lot to any parents.