If you are planning to birth your baby in a hospital, you might be surprised to learn that you do not have to wear the gown they provide for all patients. In fact, you have lots of options when it comes to what you can wear during labor regardless of where you birth.

5 Options of What to Wear During Birth

An Alternative Labor Gown

A great option to consider for your birth is purchasing your own labor dress. Labor gowns like the ones offered at Kindred Bravery and Pretty Pusher are softer and prettier than traditional hospital gowns. Plus, these dresses haven’t been worn by a bunch of people before you!

A Bra or Bikini

Another option that some women gravitate toward for birth attire is a sports bra, nursing bra, or bikini top. These are especially great for women who labor in a tub but don’t want to be completely naked. Keep in mind that while wearing equivalent bottoms may work in early labor, they will eventually have to come off in order to birth the baby. You may consider pairing this top with a sarong or simply go without bottoms.

Your Birthday Suit

That’s right, you can simply labor naked if you want. Let’s be honest, modesty tends to go out the window at a certain point of labor anyways. Fluctuations in hormones can cause heat flashed that make wearing anything feel annoying. Having SOMETHING to wear during early labor is great, but know that if you end up naked at any point in your labor, you won’t be the first woman to do so!

What if I am told I have to wear the gown?

If your nurse insists that you wear the gown, know that you have the right to decline. When a simple “No, thank you” doesn’t get them to leave you alone, kindly inform them that you prefer to wear your own clothing and that in the event of an emergency they have permission to cut the garments you are wearing. Oh, and make sure you are wearing something you don’t mind them cutting!